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About me

Born 1969, Finland, Åland

teacher, author, illustrator

I live in the small Åland Island, a self-depended island belonging to Finland and located between Sweden and Finland.

My work in school

I have been working as a teacher in a public school since 2001 with children in age ten to twelve. The children’s self-esteem has always been important for me. I can see the connection between good school results/good life quality and a strong self-esteem. Therefore I have been creating schoolprograms in Life-knowledge (“Livskunskap”). Insidan ( has  created programs for schools to teach some everyday-physiology for children .

My writing and illustrating:

I have always liked to write, paint and draw and together with my interest in personal growth my two characters was born - The duck AnneAnka and the anteater Artur.


In recent years I have been writing novels and teaching writing. My novels is a mix with feelgood, some spirituality and history.

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