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About me

Born 1969, Finland, Åland

teacher, author, illustrator, teaching material producer

I live in the small Åland Island, a self-depended island belonging to Finland and located between Sweden and Finland. This Island has only 28300 people and is therefore a very peaceful place.

My work in school

I have been working as a teacher in a public school since 2001 with children in age ten to twelve. The children’s self-esteem has always been important for me. I can see the connection between good school results/good life quality and a strong self-esteem. Therefore I have been creating schoolprograms in Life-knowledge (translate from “Livskunskap”). Insidan ( is still creating new programs for schools. I am very interested in how people can be “the better self”. I also believe that we need to accept and find the unique self and that we also have inner power that we can use. All we need to do is to believe in ourselves. That’s easier if you know who you are and how you works together with others. To teach some everyday-physiology for children is a good investment.

My writing and illustrating:

I have always liked to write, paint and draw and together with my interest in personal growth my two characters was born - The duck AnneAnka and the anteater Artur.

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